Kanwal Zafar

Kanwal Zafar\'s art works make use of color and line in a daring and confident manner. Each painting resonates with energy, emotion and these conceptual lines and shapes. In total, Kanwal Zafar\'s collection of art works speak clearly of her following her creative process with authenticity from her early beginnings to present day! She has now developed a matured art language and one that follows her personal philosophy of ?knowing your intuition.\" Of her creative process, she says, ?I try to sum up feelings in a short simple line, in an abstract way in my paintings.\" In this way, she bridges the conceptual with abstract expressionism which is an unusual and difficult achievement. Kanwal Zafar has consistently exhibited her art works and her originals are held in collections in the U.S.A, Canada, France, Poland, Ireland, United Arab Emirates and Pakistan.

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