Akber Hafeez

An interior and furniture designer by profession, Akbar Hafeez has made a name for himself in the art world. He is a self-taught painter who has been painting for over 10 years, as guided by his own passion and interest in the field. This passion has driven him towards 11 solo exhibitions, other than some group shows as well.Akbar paints female portraits in a very dreamlike state. The women painted in the traditional style of the subcontinent, with long necks and captivating facial expressions, are visually powerful as they are but Akbar takes their beauty to a whole new level. He paints them in poses that seem to suggest that they are lost in their unspoken desires. Their expressions hold the gaze of the viewers for a long time, thanks to the cat-like eyes that he paints. These eyes are given hues like greenish-yellow or copper, which only adds to the attractiveness of the art.These powerfully expressive facial features of the women are usually composed with the addition of birds, fruits, water, and trees etc. to create stunning and cohesive compositions.Lately, Akbar has started painting full female figures. These women sit in various poses and look directly into the eyes of the people looking at the paintings. This striking confrontation with the viewer adds a lot of strength to Akbar’s art, and the highly detailed and intricate paintings of the women’s facial expressions are nothing short of amazing to see.

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